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MOS 2013 Expert Exams

MOS 2013 Expert Exams
The MOS 2013 Expert exams are scheduled to release on September 3rd.  This release brings a significant change to the structure of the Expert exams.

The MOS 2013 Expert level exam objective domains require each Expert level exam to be split into two exams. This follows the Microsoft precedent established with the MCP certification.  No changes are being made to the MOS 2010 or 2007 programmes.
  • Excel 2013 Expert Part 1
  • Excel 2013 Expert Part 2
  • Word 2013 Expert Part 1
  • Word 2013 Expert Part 2

Each part will be a standalone, project-based exam that lasts 50-minutes. The candidate needs to pass both parts before earning the Expert credential as well as use two vouchers (or inventory), one for each part.

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