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Final Spring Surface Winners

Final Spring Surface Winners
Earlier this year we announced a special incentive for centres delivering MOS exams.  Prodigy Learning offered the following prizes* to the Test Centres in the UK & Ireland who delivered the highest number of MOS exams in the months of March and May 2015:

  • 1st: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 & Keyboard
  • 2nd: Microsoft XBOX One Console
  • 3rd: Microsoft Lumia 535 Windows Phone

That was over £1,250 / €1,650 worth of prizes each month in the UK & Ireland!

Congratulations to the following Test Centres in the UK and Ireland who won the final prizes for May, joining the list of winners previously announced in April:


  • 1st: Berkhamsted School (wins Surface Pro 3)
  • 2nd: Friesland School (wins XBOX)
  • 3rd: King Harold Business & Enterprise Academy (wins Windows Phone)


  • 1st: St. Joseph's Secondary School (wins Surface Pro 3)
  • 2nd: Grosvenor Grammar School (wins XBOX)
  • 3rd: St. Clement's College (wins Windows Phone)

Thank you to all our customers who participated in the contest.  Watch out for more exciting customer competitions in the coming months.

*Prizes and criteria subject to change at the discretion of Prodigy Learning.  A minimum quantity of exams delivered may be required to win the prizes.